Historic Programs

Gun Safety 

Utah’s Hunter Education Program

Our organization originally created, and later transferred Utah’s current Hunter/Gun Safety program to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR). Many of our past officers and directors have been instructors with that ongoing program. Past President, Rey Thayne, received special recognition from the state for teaching the first all-Spanish language classes. We continue to support that program through our recent financial support for youth Hunter Education programs like the Youth Hunter EducationChallenge.

Watchable Wildlife

Eagle Watch

Our organization partnered with Bob Walters of UDWR to help the public view bald eagles at Willard Bay State Park or Farmington Bay Bird Refuge for years. We mostly tried to keep visitors comfortable by providing warm drinks and pastries.


Youth Club

We supported a nature and outdoor recreation-oriented youth club for decades. The organization was headed by one of our directors and practiced its own democracy. Activities were largely educational and included: fishing, hunting, foraging wild foods, hiking, backpacking, camping, etc. Youth members also participated in many projects along with other adult members of the Association.

Youth Fishing Program

Our members have participated with a local Academy, Entheos, in their “Discovery” program to teach a class including fishing trips to 1st-6th grade students for decades. Fishing, assisted by student’s instructors, parents and our members have generally occurred at State of Utah Community Fisheries, but have recently fished at the organization’s Clubhouse Fishpond. The program has used our organization’s fishing equipment and has been a real success.