Historic Events

Family Outing

We organized and conducted and Annual Family Outing as our primary annual fundraiser. The event consisted primarily of a large raffle, games and free food aFamilyOutingWatermelonnd attracted hundreds of people every June to Murray Park for the community event. The event reached its apex for the organization’s 75th anniversary but attendance dwindled thereafter as memberships in most of America’s not for profit organizations also dwindled. The organization continued to hold the event at smaller venues in Murray until it switched its management to be a Foundation instead of the historic Association. A survey verified that most of the attendees were from the surrounding neighborhood who were more interested in winning prizes and eating free food than in our mission.

Uinta Mountains Backpack Trip

UintasTripThe organization originally started its annual Uintas overnight backpack trip as part of itsYouth Club activities, but the trip has survived after the Youth Club was dis-banned upon the organization change to a Foundation. Many trips were supported by Past Presidents, Steve Peterson and Wendall Turner through the use of their pack goats and mule. Recent trips have even added the use of kayaks to paddle-fish lakes.

Free Fishing Day

We have supported an Annual Free Fishing Day event here in Northern Utah almost every year since its inception. We have generally supported the event at one of the state’s Community UtLCatfishFisheries, including Willow Pond near our clubhouse in Murray, although we have cosponsored events at Farmington City Pond Community Fishery, as well as at Utah Lake State Park where we hope to help establish a community fishery there in the future.


We have traditionally held annual member and director retreats at Fish Lake for years. Recently, retreats have been held at Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Activities have always included fishing, hunting, and eating those things harvested from the wild. As with most retreats, there is usually a team-building activity for attendees.

Clubhouse Cleanup and Potluck

The organization has traditionally held two property cleanups every year, spring and fall. Participants pick up litter, haul off debris, clean rain gutters, and vacuum and clean the formal clubhouse meeting rooms. Usually held on a weekend, the work detail is followed by a potluck meal which usually consists of wild game.