Youth Club

The Salt Lake County Fish and Game Association was formed back in 1921! The "Youth Club", which started in 1988, is a branch of the parent group. Its goal is to create an appreciation of nature and the out-of-doors through education and activities.

The Youth Club is a democratically run group that elects its own officers, votes on its own activities, conducts its own monthly meetings, earns badges of achievement and has its own budget.

The club consists of:

  • Members (ages 9 to 15)
  • Peer Leaders (ages 16 to 18)
  • Mentors (adults, usually Association Members and/or active parents)

We have a lot of fun learning through team work, organization and the generous support of the parent association.

Examples of Youth Club activities:

Outdoor Activities:

  • Back Packing, Canoeing, Snow Shoeing
  • Horse Riding, Carriage Riding
  • Mountain Bike Riding
  • Caving, Rock and Gem Hounding
  • Survival Skills, Outdoor Cooking
  • Fishing, Hunting, Wild Plant Foraging

Social Activities:

  • Annual Youth Christmas Party
  • Annual Business Meeting
  • Annual Family Outing

Other Projects and Events:

  • Mountain Man Rendezvous
  • Trail Construction and Rehabilitation
  • Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs
  • International Sportsmen's Expo Youth Fair

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