Game Animal Projects

The SLCF&GA has been involved in introductions of game animals for decades. Many do not know that we were instrumental in transplanting elk from Wyoming back into Utah after populations in the state had essentially been eliminated by over hunting and agricultural interests. We helped with initial introductions of Rocky Mountain goats into the Wasatch Mountains. More recent game projects include helping the National Wild Turkey Federation and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to introduce Rio Grande turkeys near Herriman by purchasing and releasing them into Yellow Fork Canyon. Since then we have continued to monitor that population, and even harvested some toms from those flocks.

SLCF&GA has participated in a variety of other small and large game projects over the years. We have contributed to the purchase and donation of grazing rights for transplanted Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, and critical winter deer range. We transported medicated apple mash feed to sick bighorn sheep. We helped with the reseeding and additional access to the Farmington Bay Waterfowl Refuge. We worked with the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation with a Re-vegetation / Electric Fence Project / Bison Corral Cleaning Project with the aid of some Dedicated Hunters on Antelope Island.

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