Fishing Projects

In our early years we provided millions of trout from our own fish hatchery for stocking lakes and streams here in Utah. For many years we have worked hand-in-had with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR), our state's fish and game agency. An example of our close relationship is demonstrated by a $10,000 donation to UDWR towards additional Federal matching funds to purchase specialized equipment for their various fish hatcheries throughout the state.

We have worked so closely with the UDWR that when we sold our fish hatchery to them in the 70's we ended up with a gentleman's agreement to receive a hatchery truck load of "catchable" rainbow trout every year in perpetuity to use wherever we choose. Although we have traditionally used that "allotment" to stock fisheries for annual Free Fishing Day events, more often than not, we have sought to help out UDWR by having them stocked into waters with special needs. Restocking lakes like Strawberry Reservoir after they have been poisoned to eliminate rough fish populations is often where they go.

Over the years our members have participated in many stream rehabilitation projects by planting native plants along their banks. We helped rehabilitate important spawning areas critical to trout and salmon reproduction in the streams of the Strawberry Valley. More recently we aided the UDWR in doing weed removal on the newly rehabilitated Hobble Creek a tributary to Utah Lake.

Our contributions to fishing over the years have literally covered all aspects of the sport. We helped UDWR to stock channel catfish into the Jordan River, and have supported their efforts to establish Community Fisheries, including Willow Pond situated near our clubhouse here in Murray. We donated the seed money to create the fishing pier on another Community Fishery, Farmington City Pond. We donated fishing tackle crafting kits and the original Fishing Simulator to UDWR to promote fishing among both the young and old alike. Participated in a Utah Division of Wildlife Resources= Starvation Reservoir Walleye Removal Project for two consecutive years to improve fishing success. We organized and ran the Grantsville Reservoir Catch-and-Release Fishing Derby for three consecutive years to demonstrate that salmonid fishing contests can be successful without harming the fishery.

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